Close Up Of Floor Carpet Cleaning Tool On Dirty Carpet

You may be surprised at the difference our carpet cleaning makes

Stair Cleaning Tool In Action On Stair Carpet
Hall Carpet Being Cleaned SHowing The Difference
Half Cleaned Sofa

Powerful cleaning that really makes a difference

Cleaning A Dirty Stair Carpet SHowing A Clean Streak

Previously cleaned!

These two pictures highlight the results from a previously badly cleaned carpet.

If you use the incorrect method, chemicals, poor equipment or limited experience then the carpets you pay to clean will normally look ok to start with but after a while, because of whats left in the carpet,  dirt is attracted to the pile and turns your carpet dirtier than before. Our machines recover your carpets and leaves them fresh and properly cleaned,  a clean which will last a lot longer than these bad cleans.

Very Dirty Bedroom Carpet in Bishops Stortford Being Cleaned With Stair Wand Leaving A Clean Area
King Kleen Carpet Cleaner In Front Of Stain
King Kleen Carpet Cleaner On Clean Carpet

Stain removal

Our unique stain removal system gets rid of most of stains that can happen during your carpets life.

We use specialist chemicals to achieve the results we get and do our best to completely remove any stains which you may have.

The pictured stain remover is our own unique stain remover which you can ONLY buy direct from us. This is the only stain remover we recommend to use on your carpets and we have many grateful customers using it.